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Caregiving for Older Persons

We provide quality and affordable health care services for elderly ones in the comfort of their homes.

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Media (Printing, Publishing & Branding)

PIPO Global make use of a standard body analyzer to conduct background checks/tests on clients.

Go to Clothing (Local & Foreign)

Clothing (Local & Foreign)

We serve as health professionals to manage the health care of guests at your events to ensure the safety of participants in attendance.

Go to Foundation for Older Persons

Foundation for Older Persons

We conduct practical trainings for people interested in learning our services. We train on Caregiving and Physiotherapy.

About Us

Enjoy Quality and Affordable Home Caregiving Services

PIPO Global Caregivers provide quality and affordable health care services to elderly ones in the comfort of their homes.

We are registered with the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission and with other medical bodies in Nigeria and beyond.

We operate in all states of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Our main office is in Ibadan, Oyo state; we have correspondent offices nation-wide.

Beyond Nigeria, PIPO Global Caregivers operate in Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Mali and others.

Our services are integrated to put smiles on face of clients. Patronize us today, and have a quality feel of our services.

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